Month: February 2020

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Electric Car Charging At Home

It is possible to charge your vehicle at home using normal pins, you just need to rig your system to maximise efficiency. Electric car charging at home can be just as easy as topping up your mobile phone. Doing so at home as previously mentioned, requires you to have the right equipment. Just as you require appropriate adapters and cables to charge your phone or other gadgets, you will need a home charging point installed. This is usually done at a convenient location close to where you park your vehicle. These are compact weatherproof units mounted to the wall with charging cables.

The idea behind electric car charging at home, is for optimal convenience. Additionally, charging can be done overnight when night-time power rates are cheaper. Charging overnight always ensures your car is ready to go for you the next day. This also removes the anxiety that can arise from possibly not having the required range to make your desired travel trip. Recharge times can vary depending on the car model you have.


Should you be technically inclined, it is possible to install a car volt amp gauge. Doing so will allow you to monitor the effectiveness of your electric car charging at home. This can be done by finding an existing hole or creating a hole to feed wires from the hood of your car to the dashboard. The metal frame will usually have existing grommets to run wires through the panelling of your car. You may need a professional mechanic to help you install this. Keep in mind that hybrid or purely battery powered vehicles are more sophisticated in their construction compared to traditional motor engines. We should also add a caution here that the voltmeter will cause a slight drain on the battery. For safety reasons, it is also best to disconnect the battery.

Electric car charging at home is a practical consideration yet may cause more pragmatic concerns to arise. These may include driving range, public charging locations, whether it is cheaper to run a petrol or battery powered vehicle, charging costs and differences between an electric and hybrid vehicle. We will address a few of these below.


Power prices are charged in terms of kWh or kilowatt hours. Generally speaking it requires an 18 kWh to travel 100 kilometres. For a typical vehicle, this would require about 10.6 litres of fuel. Fuel costs can be very volatile depending on access to supply, economic conditions, a weakened local currency and more. Yet even taking a low conservative price of $1 per litre, electric charging is far more economical given power costs $0.25 per kilowatt hour. Furthermore, data suggests that prices for electricity production by generators is decreasing. Whilst these benefits have not yet flowed onto consumers, it suggests that higher prices spikes are unlikely.

Another issue regarding electric vehicles is the range required for a longer commute. Let’s say theoretically that you wanted to go for a road trip. Many of the newer vehicles provide range for up to 400 kilometres on a single charge. Chances are that you are going to have a break at some point during that range amount.


Even in Australia where adoption and uptake for cleaner automobile alternatives has been slower, is beginning to develop an extensive network of electric vehicle charge stations should electric car charging at home not be feasible.

It is also important to note here that while hybrid vehicles may be a great choice, these often have higher maintenance costs with the need to upkeep both the power and mechanical components. In addition to acquiring the needing components to enable electric car charging at home.

storage units

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Newcastle Storage Units

There are many great reasons why you should consider various options for Newcastle storage units. Whether it be for personal reasons (family assets) or professional resources (business machinery), secure warehousing units could be just what you need to organise your life or business. Not convinced? Well, check out the following benefits of Newcastle storage units.


Less clutter

If you’re someone who can’t part with certain items, then there is a good chance that your home is cluttered. Same can be applied to your business. If you don’t clean your basement or garage out often, then the clutter will only continue to build up. Leaving it all to the last minute or until it simply must be cleaned will leave you with a lot of stress and anxiety. Be proactive and hire out a container or unit in a warehouse, so you can protect all your valuable items without cluttering your home.


Helps behavioural hoarders

Hoarding is a psychological condition in which a person is unable to part with any items. It could be anything from old newspapers and useless DVDs to more specific, unique things like rubbish, old wrapping paper or old clothes. Despite the lack of utility derived from such items, hoarders often convinced themselves that such items possess some value and cannot bear to part with it.

For those that cannot throw things away, regardless of their utility, units designed for Newcastle storage units can facilitate hoarding tendencies in a healthy, more constructive manner. By placing these items in a proper unit, you’re not technically losing the item, yet you are gaining more space in your home or office (which is crucial). If you finally reach a point where you are willing to sell, donate or pass the items down a generation, it’s all conveniently there.


Safer homes

Another great benefit of having warehouse unit so you can retrieve your items later is the fact that it can help improve the safety of your home. This is particularly the case if you have young children living with you. If you have carpentry tools or weaponry (because of your profession), then the last thing you want is for one of your kids to get a hold of them. If you don’t need the items at the present time or for the foreseeable future (yet you don’t wish to part with them), you can easily rent out a unit for Newcastle storage units.


Your items are protected

Additionally, you can also rest assured that your items are very well protected when in the unit. Facilities that offer Newcastle storage units are well protected and secure with top-notch video surveillance. Furthermore, you can only gain access to the facility and your unit via a special, personal code unique to you. So, unless you decide to share that code with shady individuals, your precious assets will remain safe, secure and in good condition.


Helps with relocating

If you are in the process of relocating your home or business space, then having a unit specifically for Newcastle storage units can be incredibly helpful. It’s a great, safe space to temporarily leave things like furniture, toys, boxes of old work-related files and other things that just take up space. By having this space, you can take your time and properly coordinate how you wish to structure your new home or business location. It can even help you save money, in the sense that any unnecessary furniture, like old cabinet shelves, desks, computers or printers can be sold or donated without paying the costs of moving them to the new office space.